What Holds us Back

pexels-photo-312491Reading the following article (http://insights.nationalseminarstraining.com/38/overcoming-9-common-barriers-to-learning/), it got me to thinking, I wonder if we have to ask what holds people back from being a constant learner. The article is written more as a tool to help educators understand peoples reactions in a learning environment, but if you where to take it further, you could easily ask “why are those reactions there, what is triggering them?” As with people, the reasons are never simple, stemming from a simple to lack of interest to deep emotional reactions stemming from a poor learning environment when younger, or worse still, abuse. As I know only my own deepest thoughts, I felt I should share my recent experience.

For me, though I am  very opinionated, I balked at the thought of a blog. I don’t, except for a brief 1 week period, own a twitter, Facebook, or messenger account. Part of the reason for this, if I have to honest, is that I have rarely put myself or my thoughts in a position where others can give their opinion on what I may be saying. It’s unsettling to allow someone the authority to comment on your personal views. For me, this stems from too many times in my life both while growing up and into adulthood, where my thoughts or views were tossed aside and ridiculed, unfortunately this ridicule quickly sifted from insulting a perspective I may have shared to personal attacks and bullying. So when I saw in the write up of the course that I had to have a blog and, worse yet, comment in a forum, I reacted with a feeling close to fear. Specifically, that I was going to be found out.

The trouble with these internal reactions, is that they have the ability to control what you may choose to do. If you are facing something potentially life threatening, then let it stop you. If you are facing a fear stemming from hurts in the past, then you can not let it stop you. When we let the hurts of the past define the actions of today, then we are allowing those who hurt us to win today as well.

So, I guess, I’m blogging now.


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